Thursday, April 24, 2008

i'm a single girl again!

(Nick calls this picture Bad Haircut)
Just until Monday that is. Yesterday morning (really early, I won't tell you how early) I put my husband and our friend Beacon on a plane to NYC. (By the way, I love that phrase "put them on a plane". In my head I picture myself actually tucking them into the seats, like babies in car seats. Weird.) The boys are going to visit Teej and Kinnie and they are also going to the NFL draft. Recently Nick and I bought a new camera and Nick has discovered a talent for taking beautiful photographs. (I think so anyway) Here's a link to his flickr site which he has recently named the "dink and flicka". (Any office fans out there?)

It's interesting being on my own again. He's only gone for 5 days, which is a good amount I think. Long enough for time on my own, short enough where I won't miss him too much. (I'm not flattering myself to think he's missing me out there in the big city.) Saturday I am going to Broken Arrow to visit my Teegy. It's been too long since we have had time with just the girls so I am really excited.

Well, I started this blog thinking it would be interesting but alas, it is not. Maybe I need Nick around to inspire my inner comic. Miss you honey.

(perhaps the most interesting part of this blog is how many times I used parenthesis and quotation marks. geez louise.)