Wednesday, March 24, 2010

they call me the cautionary whale

Some BIG things happened yesterday in regards to this baby of mine.

1. We found out the sex of the baby!

2. A stranger noticed I was pregnant.

3. I was judged by the same stranger who noticed I was pregnant.

Let me explain. I was buying a 20 oz Coke for a coworker at Wal-Greens and the lady who checked me out looked me over and said, "Well, you're sure gonna keep that baby awake ALL NIGHT."

I sneered at her, "It's not for ME, it's for a friend."

Her, "Uh-huh." Clearly in disbelief.

But it was true. And even though she sucks for judging me, I was happy that someone other than coworkers and my family noticed I was pregnant.

Now to the other thing...I can't tell you all the sex yet. But I will. After the weekend. I gotta tell the family first. The good news is the baby looks great! Ten inches and eleven ounces. Moving around, sucking its thumb, twitching its feet. I can't get over it.

How can you love something so much that you haven't met yet?!

Monday, March 22, 2010

he loves me

You just have to read between the lines.

This weekend, Nick and I were talking about the delivery of our baby. I told him I want to try to go as natural as possible, and he's all for it but is skeptical of my resolve. When I asked him what he would say during the birth if I begged him for drugs, he responded with a wry smile, "Sure thing, honey. But can I park the car first?"

Another gem that happened a few weeks ago: I bought some maternity pants that are still way too big and so I asked Nick, "Do you think if I washed these in some hot water, I could shrink them?" "Sure, honey. If anyone can shrink clothes it's you."

Thanks alot, O Hilarious One.

Monday, March 1, 2010

What I Loved in February

One of my favorite blogs features an "All Things Loved in ..." every month and being the un-creative person I am, I decided to copy her. So, if anyone cares, here is what got me through February. January and February are my most hated months because they drag on FOREVER. I hate the winter, I wish it was over on December 26th but no, we have to suffer through 2 and a half more months of its misery! Spring, come quickly. But leave the rain behind.

Onto the list:

Mini Fruit Roll-Ups. I had to stop buying boxes of these because I would eat EIGHTEEN mini fruit roll-ups in about 2 days. Somehow the fact that they were mini took away some of the shame of stuffing them in my face, two at a time. But, seriously they are hella good.

Bubble baths. Early on in the pregnancy, I had horrible leg cramps that woke me up at night. My midwife attributed them to needing more calcium, but before I knew that, I was in agony. I would get up in the middle of the night, draw a bath and instantly I felt relief. I'm also known to take baths to warm up, thanks to this sucky winter and being stuck inside all day, I spend hours in there. My skin is dry as a bone and itching me all over, but I can't stay out of the tub. I predict a water birth in my future.

The March Vanity Fair Issue. I am obsessed with Vanity Fair. I used to subscribe to Glamour, InStyle, US Weekly and People (not all at the same time) but they all got to be too fluffy for me. I still read Glamour at the bookstore from time to time, but finally I bit the bullet and subscribed to Vanity Fair. Every month when it comes, I spend HOURS reading it. There are so many interesting articles in there. In every issue there is an article on the current movies/stars, and always some article about something from Hollywood's past. It's just a perfect mix of entertainment news, book suggestions, fashion, politics, history and current events. Go out and read it. Or better yet, come over to my house and read some back issues because lord knows I'm not throwing these away.

Napping. Before I got pregnant, I liked naps as much as the next person. But I never knew what it felt like to REQUIRE a nap on a daily basis for many weeks. On Sunday afternoons, my typical one hour nap turned into a huge, five hour nap. From one to six in the evening, I was snoring away. And the most remarkable part is, I would still go to bed at NINE THIRTY. Growing a baby is hard work y'all.

Seeing the baby on screen! Life changing. Amazing. Going to the midwife again on Wednesday, hoping for another peek!

Seeing this guy turn 30. I meant to write a long, mushy post on his birthday, but that's not really my style. I will say that I am so incredibly lucky to have him as a brother, because he is so loyal to me. But I am also lucky to have him as my best friend, which is what he has become. He's the only one who laughs at all my jokes. He gives great book and movie recommendations. And I am mostly SO thankful he didn't ruin our family dynamic by marrying anyone other than Sandy. He chose wisely. I cannot WAIT to see him as an uncle, and I hope he makes me an aunt PRONTO. (Are you reading this? Get on it.)