Sunday, September 20, 2009

it's time

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Nick and I saw The Informant! this weekend (the exclamation point is in the official title y'all) with the very talented Matt Damon and the lady who plays his wife who has been in Ever After, Coyote Ugly, Sweet Home Alabama, Shattered Glass, Flags of Our Fathers, Two and a Half Men (grr), Away We Go, and most recently, an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Whew. Homegirl's been in alot of stuff. But I have to admit, that up until 5 minutes ago Nick and I referred to her as, "Marcy from The Shield". She was in like 2 episodes as an unforgettable sadistic accomplice to murder who pulled one over on Dutch, the best detective in Farmington. Including Vic Mackey. You heard me.

Everyone's got some actor or actress that comes up in so many things, but for some reason their name WILL NOT stick in their brains. So while watching the Emmy's tonight, I decided that it's time. It's time to learn her name. We love this girl, we think she's going far...she deserves to be recognized by name, much like the beloved Judy Greer, whose name we learned about 6 months ago. So without further ado...I give you Melanie Lynskey!

I looked her up on and found out she is married to a McPoyle on Always Sunny! And she's from New Zealand! How about that...

I just realized that if she ever googles her name, my blog will come up. Hi Melanie! We loved you as Marcy in the Shield, although that scene where your husband was beating that girl in the trunk while you watched in the mirror scared the shit out of me! We're rooting for your success! Send some celebrity blog traffic my way!