Thursday, July 31, 2008

this guy

turns 27 today! (Even though he has chosen NOT to acknowledge any birthdays since 24, attention needs to be paid to this wonderful person. here goes.)

27 things i love about Nick:

I love that he knows a little bit about everything.

I love that he knows ALOT about football and technology.

I love it when he laughs so hard he cackles.

I love how much fun he has with my family.

I love how we like MOST of the same television shows and have no shame spending 14 hours watching them.

I love his gorgeous thick red hair.

I love how he holds my hand walking around outside.

I love how he loves and spends time with his grandparents.

I love how he cries at the mere mention of Rudy, Rocky or any number of sports movies.

I love that we have so many inside jokes that we can't remember them all and sometimes we bring up some ones we haven't used in awhile.

I love how he dances when one of his favorite songs comes on; he sort of shrugs his shoulders and moves his hips back and forth.

I love how he goes to the grocery store for me.

I love how he can fix anything with sometimes very unconventional means.

I love how he idolizes his father.

I love how he says, "Love ya!" to my family members when he says goodbye on the phone. Even I don't do that.

I love sneaking into movies with him. Sometimes 3 in a row.

I love the cute dimple on his right cheek.

I love how he gets so frustrated during football game that he makes up cussing phrases that don't exist. Remember GF?

I love watching him and Beacon (his BF) interact.

I love that his friends adopted me into their lives.

I love how loyal he is. If I complain about someone, he is always on my side.

I love how he reluctantly watches Sex and the City, and laughs sometimes.

I love how he tucks the blankets all the way up under his chin and looks so cute when he sleeps.

I love it when he talks about our future children.

I love/hate it when you take SO MANY PICTURES OF ME.

I love him for always getting me a drink of water when I need one.

I love the fact that I can come to him with any problem I have and he tries his hardest to make it better. He takes good care of me.

I love you Nicholas! I am so glad you were born.

Friday, July 18, 2008

reflections of a batman

What I did expect from the midnight release of the Dark Knight:

  • Teeny Boppers. I loathe them, I'm pretty sure they loathe me but unfortunately we are forced to coexist at Quail Springs mall. You know, the mall that's located near the 2nd richest high school in America, next to Beverly Hills High School. You can imagine the kind of entitled assholes that showed up last night. We arrived at the theater at 1030 and waited for an hour and a half before they let us in to sit down. Then some Cancun boys (as my brother calls them) saunter up at 11:35 and stand near us. They start dropping F bombs and playing on their iPhones and one them asks me, without looking at me because he's too cool, "Can I see your ticket?" And I just stare at him suspiciously and ask, "Why?" "I just want to make sure I'm in the right line." "Well, this is line for Theater 1 and it ends all the way back there." He scoffed at me and continued to stand too close to me until we get into the theater. Also, during the movie some 14 year old girls got up and down and walked in front of us FIVE times. About the 3rd times I gave the passive aggressive ultra loud sigh and slowly shifted my feet to let her through. I HATE TEENAGERS.
  • People in costumes. Confession time: I am the proud maker and owner of a pink shirt that reads, "Mrs. Harry Potter." I wear it to the book releases and to the movie premieres. My little T-shirt got its ass kicked by all the full on costumes we saw last night. A group of miscreants was walking around terrifying small kids (and me to be honest). One of them looked like he escaped from the basement of Saw. He was dressed as the character Bane, who I'd never heard of. He was pretty overweight and sporting a white t-shirt with the sleeves cut off and grey sweatpants. He was also sporting a gas mask. The Scarecrow, the Riddler, the Mad Hatter, the Penguin, Cat Woman, Harley Quinn, and Two Face were all there. And of course several Jokers. A normal looking couple showed up in regular clothes but had lipstick smeared all over their faces, Joker style. There weren't as many Batmans as I thought there would be. I guess he's not as interesting. Plus only one guy in a million can pull off the suit and that man is Christian Bale.
  • A Harry Potter trailer. NOPE. Nothing. I was nearly ready to leave when the movie started because I was so disappointed. Now they're saying that the trailer will come out before the stupid, nerdy Star Wars Clones movie that I won't see. Hopefully someone will leak it onto the internet, please God!
  • An amazing movie. I knew the movie would be good, everyone did. Remember in a previous post where I said (regarding There Will Be Blood) that you know it's a good movie when a character leaves you squirming in your chair because you don't know what he'll do next. I was literally scared whenever the Joker came on screen. In most movies, you're not TOO scared of the bad guy because you know the good guy will prevail. But all bets are off in this one. After his first few appearances, I was uncomfortable during the scenes he WASN'T in because I knew it was coming. I knew he would do something terrible and I dreaded it.

What I did NOT expect from the midnight release of Dark Knight:
  • To cry. But I did. Twice. And I definitely didn't expect Nick to cry. But he did. And at a different time than me. So there are potentially 3 tear inducing scenes. Be prepared.
  • To have no idea what was going to happen. For all you comic book connoisseurs (sweet Jesus, that's a hard word to spell), this will probably not be the case. But the plot takes so many turns, it just keeps going and going. With most comic book movies, you can guess the entire storyline from the preview, but not this one. Beacon said that he watched every video clip that emerged about this movie and about 45 minutes into the film, he'd seen every clip he'd already watched. Brilliant.
  • To agree with the hype that Heath Ledger will probably win an Oscar. He vanishes into the role, Philip Seymour Hoffman style. It's heartbreaking and exhilarating to watch.
We're seeing it again on Sunday. Best movie of the summer. Now if only the *$*&#(&$ Harry Potter trailer would come out.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Girl Crush

Um, is a coincidence that my new glasses are almost identical to Tina Fey's, my declared girl crush?