Monday, November 26, 2007

well this is just sad...

Here’s what’s pitiful about ME (Benay). I am a procrastinator in the worst way. By that I mean, the worst kind of procrastinator. Take thank you notes for instance: They are the thorn in every new bride’s side. I understand the need for them and I was overwhelmed with gratitude towards everyone who came to the wedding and who gave us such thoughtful gifts. But it’s the multi-step process that drives me insane. The picking of the actual cards, the address locating, the writing for each individual gift, the stamp placement and the actual placing the cards in the mailbox.


I was actually excited to order our Thank You notes. We took the standard trend photo (see above) where we hold two big posters that say Thank You and had them printed on postcards. They turned out adorable. The DAY we received the blank postcards I wrote out 60 of them in one night, addressed them, stamped them…and they sat on my dresser for 2.5 weeks. WHAT?! The hard part was done! All of the work was finished, only the easy part remained and I still could not be bothered to TAKE THEM OUT TO THE MAILBOX. I need help.

This brings me to the purpose of this post. I have started several drafts for the long awaited update of the blog, I’ve even finished some, but I can’t even be bothered to hit publish on the computer. I think subconsciously I’ve been waiting for the wedding pictures to come back before posting again so I could show them off and I’m still planning on doing that, but enough is enough! So be looking for another post with pictures before the end of the year. Well maybe.