Thursday, April 15, 2010

it's probably just a food baby...

It's official: I can feel the baby kicking. There's an actual creature inside of me, moving around and I can FEEL it. It would be really weird if it wasn't so amazing. At first, I blamed it on gas. But just last week it became undeniable. I've only felt one kick from the outside and that was pretty incredible too. Nick's a little frustrated that he hasn't been able to feel anything yet and I suspect he'll be able to in the next few weeks. But, in all honesty, I kind of like having a little secret with my boy. It's just between us for now.

By the way his name is Calvin (we're 99% sure) and we haven't settled on a middle name yet.

I can't wait to see his little* face!

*Or if he's anything like his mama, his BIG, FAT face. Stay tuned for proof.


Ryan and Katie said...

love love love the name! If you start to feel rhythmic kicking and wonder if he's really skilled at keeping's hiccups. I don't think I figured that out until after she was born. ha!

Kara Sheets said...

calvin is just about the perfect name! love it!
feeling those little (and big) kicks & punches is such a surreal feeling.
btw- tried to call you. i might have the wrong #...left a message. did you get it?

Butch said...


Tarah said...

Aw Nay...I love you.