Tuesday, September 25, 2007

meet the fossey's

Meet Nick. The look he has in the picture is the look he gives me often which says, "You're bugging me."

Nick's favorite hobbies include watching football, participating in 6-7 fantasy football leagues every year, playing college and pro football games on xbox and (thankfully) watching movies with me.

Nick recently started working at an insurance agency and is enjoying it so far (at least that's what he tells me). Today his coworkers threw us the nicest lunch/shower. We went to Macaroni Grill and then back to their office for cake and to open presents. It was incredibly nice, especially considering he's worked there about 7 weeks!

Meet Nay (me). This picture was taken on our second trip to New York City in April of 2006. We were killing time before seeing Wicked and went to Grand Central Station. Actually first we went to the New York Public Library, and I swear we were there for 45 minutes and never found the books. We found an exhibit about some old letters written to...someone, from someone. And of course we found the gift shop, which was fantastic. I know the picture is kind of far away but surprisingly I didn't have any other pictures of just me on the computer.

I've actually been struggling to think of what my hobbies are because for the last year my hobby has been The Wedding. Luckily, I love weddings. I made my super-detailed wedding planning book a few months before I was officially engaged. Nick calls it mania, I call it an interest. From the time I was a little girl I've always loved weddings. I used to save my allowance and buy an issue of Brides Magazine. Now that I write it out like that, maybe it is a little weird. Moving on...

Nick and I met in October of 2003 when a friend from college (Dave) invited me to go see Jerry Seinfeld's stand up show with some of his friends. Nick says that he thought I was "cool" but "weird", whatever the hell that means. Later he changed it from "weird" to he was "intrigued by me." He liked that I drank beer out of a can, but I guess that I was weird because I was there with Dave? I have no idea. I thought he was cute and very smart and quick-witted, all qualities I find very attractive. I also knew he had a girlfriend who lived far away so I didn't think too much about him after that night. But as the rest of my senior year went on, we started hanging out more and more. He met me one night at 2am at a Waffle House and we went to several movies. Eventually he bucked up the courage and asked me out for April 21st, 2004. We went mini-golfing and braved a tornado. Pretty soon, we were together all the time and even when he moved to Joplin (3 hours away) for work, one of us made the drive every weekend.

And now I'm going to be his wife. Even though it's been a very natural progression into marriage, there are times when I just freak out on the inside and think, "I'm marrying Nick Fossey? But I barely know him! 5 years ago I didn't know he existed!".

Should I be worried about these thoughts?

Monday, September 24, 2007

let's see how this goes

I (Benay) love to read blogs. My friend Kara has an amazing blog that I read at least 3 times every week. I also stalk a few people I don't know because I love their blogs. I also love famous blogs like dooce. One of my favorites is this girl's blog of her critique of the baby-sitter's club, a series favorite of mine as a child.

But blogging is difficult for most people. It's the pressure to be entertaining and witty and update often that turns people off blogging, I think. I'm the proud owner of 2 dead blogs, the infamous xanga and the lesser known livejournal. I blog occasionally on my myspace page, but very rarely.

So why the sudden urge to start this commitment now? I'm not entirely sure. I'm getting married in 26 days and I feel very sentimental most of the time and want to document EVERYTHING. I'm saving receipts, cutting out the shower announcement from the church bulletin, printing out emails from friends regarding the wedding. It's getting ridiculous. But this is such an important time. I want to look back on it and remember every detail, right?

I hope that this blog gains readers and they are as entertained with my anecdotes as I have been with various blogs in cyberspace. Enjoy.