Tuesday, June 15, 2010

may favs?

Sorry folks. The month of May rushed by so fast, I had no time to document any favorite things. Plus, it was kind of a crappy month if I'm honest. Our car was in the shop for the ENTIRE MONTH, I found out my maternity leave isn't going to be all that great, etc.

However, I will say that the highlight of the month was a trip to Austin, Texas to visit my step-father's family. They have a beautiful house, an amazing pool and are literally the nicest people you could ever hope to meet. Not only are they wonderful hosts, but they kept shoving me to the front of every food line and making sure my every need was met. They have two adorable daughters who talked to my belly the whole weekend and gave us the sweetest hugs.

AND to top off an already perfect weekend...they got together with Sandy and Mom and threw us a surprise baby shower! They sent me and Nick and my brother to the store and when we came back there were decorations and gifts everywhere. It was so incredibly sweet. Everyone chipped in and got us a pack and play, which vibrates and plays music. The future is now, people. My grandmother also sent a little handmade baby blanket and my aunt from California sent a gift card and an adorable outfit. My mom and Sandy are the premiere party planners, I'm telling you. Sandy made the cutest paper pinwheels that I'm going to hang in the baby's room and my mom bought Cal some adorable blue plaid sneakers.

I will never, EVER get tired of baby clothes.

I know everyone complains that all you get are baby clothes at a baby shower and not the stuff you register for, but to me, I'd rather have the people I love hand pick outfits for my kid and leave the boring stuff like a diaper genie to me and Nick.

We also made some major progress on the nursery this weekend. I invited my dad up for the weekend and promptly put him to work painting the baby's room. I didn't mean to, but as my brother and I talked about later: He's just so damn good at painting! It takes him like 5 minutes to tape off a room. So, dad, if you're reading this, sorry we used you for your mad skills.

Nick finished painting the crib and it looks great. Do I have a picture to show you? Well, what do you think? I know, I know. I'm failing again.

This week marks another pregnancy milestone: We're into the single digits. Weeks, I mean. Only 9 left, unless baby wants to stay in there awhile longer. Hopefully not too long.


Kara Sheets said...

are you kidding?!?! 9 weeks left!! that's crazy.
please let me see a picture of your adorable baby bump. and the crib. and any accessories.

Katherine said...

I'm coming over. Uninvited. I want to see your baby stuff!

Tarah said...

Wow, 9 weeks left! Time flies! I bet you are looking beautiful. Good to hear you guys are doing well!

Butch said...

Thanks for making me feel useful!