Tuesday, June 29, 2010

this is how you know...

When two or more Owens' have gathered in one place.

Dad, Tyler, Sandy, Nick and I spent the weekend in the tiny, TINY village of Cedar Rapids, Nebraska visiting our grandmother and favorite aunt, uncle and cousins. Not much to do in that town, so we had to resort to playing Hair Salon.

I was sort of dreading the 8 hour car trip, expecting my feet and ankles to swell to elephant proportions, but surprisingly they didn't at all. We rented a sweet minivan (yes, you read that right) so we watched movies and everyone had plenty of room.


Here comes the Much Promised Belly Picture:

Ha! Okay, the photo is blurry and with two other dudes one of whom is Mr. Doug Benson - stoner and comedian and podcaster extraordinaire. We went to his show last night and laughed our asses off.

But, this is about bellies, not asses. Take a look at that gut will you? Lately the babe has taken to putting his feet under my ribs and sticking his cute butt out which causes a weird lump that you can see in the above photo. Also, I probably keep pissing him off because when he pushes against me, I push right back and he gives it right back to me. Sometimes I'll rest my hand up against my belly and I get a sharp nudge exactly where my hand is, almost like he's trying to tell me, "Lay off me lady. I'm running out of room in here."

Seven or so weeks left. Can't wait to see his face.


Kara Sheets said...

thank you so much for posting a belly pic! it's like it really wasn't real until i saw the proof. your pregnancy has flown by...and only 7 more weeks! love you friend

Tarah said...

Yea!!! I have been checking on here off and on waiting to see that sweet belly of yours! You look great Nay!